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"I have worked for this company for a year now. The company is very caring towards the employees as well as their customers, I'm hoping to carry on with this company for several years and progress in my career. Lovely company to work for."

"Right from my interview I knew that CWC360 was the company for me. They instantly made me feel at ease and make coming to work more enjoyable. I hope to continue climbing the ladder and further my career, watch out Stevie I’m after your job.😊"

"Where do I start… I had just left college still deciding what I wanted to do with my life when a family member had said that CWC360 where short staffed and asked if I wanted to earn some money while I decided what to do. I had never really cleaned before so was a little nervous to take on such a job but Richard made me feel at ease from the first phone call. I met him at the site and was given the training required. I have now worked here for 10 years now and have worked my way up from part time event cleaner to full time mobile supervisor with a team to manage. The hours are great and no day is the same."

"I have worked at CWC360 for over 18 months, as a single mum I have found them really accommodating and they have given me access to their creche facilities on days I have been really stuck. I find the company really enjoyable to work for, there is never a bad atmosphere and everyone is really friendly."

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